brian alan deLaney



concert music

My personal works, they range from full orchestra, to solo instruments. There are experiments of harmonic processes as well as more traditional classical sounds.

film scores

Pieces written for various media. There are Horror, Sci-Fi, Action and Adventure. Each piece was written for a particular scene with careful consideration of the pacing and emotional content on the screen.

video games

From vintage 8bit loops to more modern applications.

other projects.

B-Movies and E-Books

B-Movies and E-Books

B-Movies and E-Books is a place where two life-long friends discuss various movies and books with each other and industry creatives.

Please listen and join in the discussion!



Bi-monthly composition challenge hosted on Reddit. Users suggest and vote on restrictions for the upcoming piece. Criteria with the most votes then become the "rules" for the upcoming composition. Users then have twenty-four hours to submit their works in the form of sheet music or audio files.

Users who choose to submit audio tracks can also upload them to the SoundCloud Group.

available for commissions and film work


Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have.

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