A New Day, A New Website.

 In in progress

Well, it has taken way longer than I would like to admit but I finally got around to redoing my website. It has been a crazy year for me. November 2014 I started my own business, a private music instruction studio. We have a few employees now and an enrollment is picking up. Also the podcast I started last year with a friend of mine, B-Movies and E-Books, has ballooned into a small network of podcasts, with more on the way. Not only that but the site now includes reviews and such for movies, books, tv, comic books and video games. I have also restarted r/24HourCompositions over on reddit after an unintended hiatus.

Unfortunately, with all of these other projects and life getting in the way, I haven’t had too much time to really compose. But, with everything getting a bit more stable, I can finally get back to writing. I am looking forward to the coming months, there are quite a few compositions that I am starting.

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