So It Begins.

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I have reached the conclusion that the tyranny of the major/minor system of tonality has gone on for too long.

Wow that sounded preachy.

Any way, I have decided not to hinder myself with the “laws” of traditional western music. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Why for the past two hundred years have basically two scales been the basis for music? If you look at other countries, India (southern), for example have a system of seventy-two parent scales. A lot of them have the same basic structure of our major (whole whole half whole whole whole half) but with the intervals permuted. (I’ll show examples later I just don’t have my books with me right now).

So I just finished reading the Schillinger System of Musical Composition and the Mathematical Basis of the Arts by Joseph Schillinger and I thought they were amazing. They opened up a lot of doors for me, so they will probably be influencing the things I write from now on, so if anyone does read this they will learn a little more about his ideas as well.

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