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A total of seven stems of Hans Zimmer’s “Destiny’s Door” theme were systematically utilized by reinvention, reconstitution and reimagining to evolve a new piece highlighting originality with established creative and technical skill sets.
The piece launches with several of the stems exploding onto the scene. The entirety of the rhythmic motives spring from the percussion track and are appropriated in their natural state, broken down and augmented. They collaborate and blend with melodic elements of the trumpet and solo voice to form the overarching infrastructure of the work. The accompaniment of the violin II and viola interpret cues from the provided woodwind stem, curving and bending the melodic ideas. Underscoring the horns and woodwind elements is an atmospheric track crafted from the choir stem. Digitally processed, the choir is transmuted into an airy canvas for the remaining of the opening. A booming simulated bass drum was harnessed by filtering the synth stem, allowing for a lower frequency scene to the quieter B section. Utilizing a trigger from the percussion track, the ambient choir sound is sliced by a rhythmic gate. The solo voice and a reversed trumpet stem are amalgamated into a lead synth intermingling with a rippling effect taken from the PBH stem. The piece culminates with a ventured return to a reimagining of the opening, thus balancing out the form. 

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