Timbre Study No. 0, or How I didn’t finish an assignment I gave myself

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So I had planned on posting the first installment of an ongoing series of experiments in timbre. Unfortunately, it is taking a little longer to work it out the way I want to. The plan for the first one is to take a simple ratio, in this case 2:3, and explore what it means in strictly timbral ways. Using pure sine waves I am going to create artificial timbres in rhythmic patterns according to the ratio set. Basically creating a “klangfarbenmelodie” independent of melodic trappings. 

I could easily fire up a DAW and create tracks of sine waves and mix them however I wanted, but that seemed too simple. I decided to use a program I have played with in the past but never got too far into, PureData. There are a few other projects that need the program in the future, so cutting my teeth so to speak on this project will be very beneficial down the line. Using the program to create a sort of “computer” that I can use to input future ratios will also help me to get further studies out easier. 

The last thing that prevented me from getting it done on my self-imposed deadline was the name. I don’t know exactly what to call them. I am leaning toward something involving either “khroma” or “sonus” because “timbre” was a little too on-the-nose. 

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